Spring has sprung and it’s a Heritage Day long weekend which means it’s time to indulge in one of South Africa’s greatest traditions, the braai. Most South Africans can braai almost anywhere in almost anything from wheelbarrows to Webers. But why not build your own DIY Braai and give yourself something to brag about in addition to your grilling skills.

Here are a few tutorials to get you started:

Traditional Tiled Brick Braai

When you think of a built in braai this is the sort of thing you picture. A DIY braai built with bricks with a tiled shelf to rest utensils and platters (and keep the good stuff away from the dog). This will quickly become the focal point of your outdoor entertaining.

DIY braai - brick and tile

Portable DIY Braai

If you’re looking for a more portable, flexible option or don’t have the yard space for a built in braai, have a look at this elegant and adjustable metal braai. André Gous at The Home Handyman shows you how to build a braai that is easy to store, transport and clean.

DIY braai - metal

DIY Fire Pit

One of the charms of a braai is sitting around the fire. This wonderful stone fire-pit from the Progressive Farmer Magazine maximizes your access to the fire for both cooking, toasting and socialising.


There are, of course, many possibilities when it comes to building a DIY braai, take some time to find a project that suits your space, budget, cooking style and DIY skills after all in a pinch a steel drum and a bit of steel mesh will do the job.

If you’re contemplating spending your long weekend on garden DIY projects have a look at our DIY bird feeders, Drip Irrigation and rainwater harvesting. If you would rather relax why not light a fire, join some friends and make something delicious outdoors.