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DIY Bird Feeders – Feeding Feathered Friends


Winter is a hard time for our feathered friends. Cold weather and fewer daylight hours means they struggle to find enough food to fuel all that twittering and flapping. Why not give them a hand and enjoy their company by building one of these DIY bird feeders. Most of the materials can be found

DIY Bird Feeders – Feeding Feathered Friends2018-07-19T09:31:06+02:00

Winter Energy Saving – Warm and Fuzzy


Winter has come and load shedding is a thing again so it is time to start to start thinking about winter energy saving. As soon as the cold weather our first instinct is to dust off our heaters and submerge ourselves in bathtubs full of steaming water until we are in danger of becoming

Winter Energy Saving – Warm and Fuzzy2019-04-26T12:55:29+02:00
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