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A clean sweep with brooms


Since the invention of leaf blowers and vacuum cleaners very few people give any thought to brooms. Yet sweeping is an effective and power efficient way to corral dust and debris. And, let's face it, the more tasks that you can do without power the better. Not only is sweeping inexpensive, it's quiet and

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More Than a Mask – Uses for Masking Tape


As the name implies, masking tape is used to mask surfaces while you are painting. This is far from its only use. You can use this under-loved painter's tool to make your life easier in many ways. Properties Masking tape is essentially adhesive paper ribbon. This means that you can write on it with

More Than a Mask – Uses for Masking Tape2019-06-20T12:48:08+02:00

Winter Energy Saving – Warm and Fuzzy


Winter has come and load shedding is a thing again so it is time to start to start thinking about winter energy saving. As soon as the cold weather our first instinct is to dust off our heaters and submerge ourselves in bathtubs full of steaming water until we are in danger of becoming

Winter Energy Saving – Warm and Fuzzy2019-04-26T12:55:29+02:00

Water Worth – How prepaid water meters can save water and money


To say South Africa has a water crisis is putting it mildly. Never before has the need to conserve water been made real to so many of us. Whatever the next wet season brings we will always need to do all that we can to save water. Prepaid water meters can help us manage

Water Worth – How prepaid water meters can save water and money2018-07-06T08:14:10+02:00
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