A Sample of Our Hardware Selection

If you don’t see what you need, contact us and we’ll find it for you.


Get everything you need for a green, good-looking garden. From spades and axes to hosepipes and watering cans, choose from our large selection of gardening hardware and supplies.

Just some of our garden tools and supplies.

  •         Spades and forks
  •         Rakes and brooms
  •         Picks
  •         Axes
  •         Hose pipes and hose pipe fittings
  •         Watering Cans
  •         Trimmer line


Your one stop toolbox. All those things you need to pound, cut, turn, drive or pull. Large and small, if it belongs in a toolbox we've got it.

Just some of what we can add to your toolbox

  • Hammers
  • Chissels
  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Drill Bits
  • Saws
  • Spanners
  • Pop Riveters
  • Glue Guns

Electrical Hardware

Wherever you fall on the scale from globe changer to wireman, we've got what you need. We've got everything globes and multiplugs for the beginner to fittings and switches for the home electrician.

A few of our many power products

  •           Globes
  •           Conduit & Fittings
  •           Joint Boxes
  •           Switches
  •           Plugs & Sockets
  •           Extention Leads
  •           Fuses
  •           Lugs


Plumbing is all about pipes. We've got pipes and all the tools, seals, fittings and taps you can use on them.

A piece of our plumbing selection

  •          Waste Pipe & Fittings
  •          Washers
  •           Pollycop & Composite Pipe
  •           Connex Fittings
  •           Taps
  •           Wax Rings
  •            Toilet Seats
  •           Flexihoses


Colour your world. Indoor and out, we've got paint for all surfaces and the brushes, rollers and sprayers get it everywhere.

A sample of our paint products

  •           Polvin Acrylic
  •           Undercoats and primers
  •           Waterproofing & membrane
  •           Velvaglo Enamels
  •           Woodoc sealers
  •           Rust converter
  •           Brushes and rollers
  •           Spray paints
  •           Drop sheets


All kinds of screws and bolts that are great for fastening and really bad for bare feet and tyres. We've got everything you wouldn't want to stand on.

A few of our fasteners

  •            Coach screws
  •            Chipboard screws
  •            Drywall anchors
  •            Set crews and nuts
  •            Machine screws and nuts
  •            Nail-in-anchors and rawlbolts
  •            Wire nails
  •            Masonry nails and panel pins
  •            Upholstery tacks and rivets
  •            Roofing Screws


Ribbons that stick. We've got all kinds of tape for all kinds of purposes. Whatever you want seal or stick down we've got a tape for that.

Take a look at some tape

  •           Masking tape
  •           Duct tape
  •           Silicon tape
  •           Reflective tape
  •           Packaging and buff tapes
  •           Insulation tape
  •           Double-sided


Batteries, cable ties, string, all those things that you usually find in the ''man drawer'' or the shed

A general collection

  •           Batteries
  •           String and rope
  •           Binding wire
  •           Dowel rods
  •           Cable ties
  •           Hinges
  •           Stationery
  •           Tape measures and rulers
  •           Padlocks and keys


From sandpaper and grinding discs to paraffin and paint stripper, we've got all those things you never have when you need them.

Some of our consumables

  •           Silicon and crack filler
  •           Sandpaper
  •           Cutting and grinding discs
  •           Thinners and turpentine
  •           Acetone
  •           Benzine
  •           Methylated Spirits
  •           Sugar Soap and paint stripper
  •           Aerosol Lubricants
  •           LPG Gas and parrafin


These are the things usually kept in the cleaning cupboard. Rags and mops, brushes and brooms, whatever you need to wipe, scrub or dispose of the messes you make.

A heap of household supplies

  •          Black Garbage Bags
  •          Brooms and brushes
  •          Dustpans
  •          Rags and mops
  •          Drain Cleaner
  •          Scrubbing Brushes


All the consumables you need for your building projects and repairs. From construction to tiling the things you need to care the bones of your building.

A bit of building supply range

  •          Mortar
  •          Cretestone and Rhinolite
  •          Window Putty
  •          Tile Adhesive
  •          Tile Grout


Do you want to stick something to something else? Whatever those two things may be, we've got the goo that'll do it. Keep it off your fingers though.

Some of our sticky stuff

  •           Wood glue
  •           Super glue
  •           Wallpaper paste
  •           Pratley glues and putties
  •           Epoxies
  •           Contact adhesives
  •           PVC Weld