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BYOB – Build Your Own Braai – DIY Braai


Spring has sprung and it's a Heritage Day long weekend which means it's time to indulge in one of South Africa's greatest traditions, the braai. Most South Africans can braai almost anywhere in almost anything from wheelbarrows to Webers. But why not build your own DIY Braai and give yourself something to brag about in

BYOB – Build Your Own Braai – DIY Braai2018-09-21T14:06:11+02:00

Planning your Plants – What to plant when


With every DIY project, research and planning are important. Gardening is at the mercy of climate and weather and so knowing what to plant, sow and prune when in your region is essential. In the age of the internet this information is easier to find than ever. The advice of your local nursery or

Planning your Plants – What to plant when2018-09-06T12:06:05+02:00
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