Bit by bit, the weather is warming and it seems like spring is on its way. But the weather wise among us know that we’re likely to get a cold snap or two before we can safely say that winter has gone. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a head start on your spring planting. Indulge your green finger itch with these wonderful recycle and upcycle seedling pot ideas.

Citrus Seedling Pot

After gorging on all the wonderful late winter citrus we have access to, why not use the peels to start the next generation of your garden. It’s as easy as scraping out the flesh, poking a whole for drainage and filling with potting soil. If you want slightly more detail have a look here and here. The second one even includes a recipe. When the weather is right and the seedlings are strong enough, just plant the whole thing.

Egg Cartons and Eggshell Seedling Trays

When you look at it an egg carton or egg tray is an obvious seedling tray. Cute little biodegradable cups that can easily be separated when it’s time to plant. Using eggshell halves too is a little less obvious. Have a look at the tutorial here or here to learn more.

Paper Pulp Seedling Cups

If you don’t have egg trays lying around and don’t mind a little extra work these paper pulp seedling cups are essentially the same as individual egg tray cups. It’s a very therapeutic thing to do with junk mail and old newspaper.

Newspaper Seedling Pots

If old paper is something you have lying around here is a less goopy way to turn it into seedling pots. It’s not quite as much fun as ripping paper into tiny little pieces but like all the other ones we’ve looked at you can plant the pot too.

Yet Another Use For Toilet Paper Rolls

Most crafters know of a half a dozen uses for toilet paper rolls like pencil cups and cable keepers but inevitably we have more cardboard tubes than things to do with them. Turning them into seedling pots that can be planted means that we can actually get them out the house.

Self-watering Cooldrink Bottle Seedling Pots

If you have any 2 litre cooldrink bottles left from our bird feeder project here is another really neat use for them. Turn them into self-watering seedling pots with the help of this tutorial.

With all these easy, eco-friendly ideas you can get your spring planting started inside while you wait for mother nature to catch up with your yearning for spring. All you need is seeds, soil and sunshine to get your garden started. The seeds and soil you can find at garden stores or fine hardware stores like Rex Hardware. The sunshine depends on mother nature.

If you want to bring some colour into your garden in the form of feathers and chirping, have a look at our DIY birdfeeder post.