Winter is a hard time for our feathered friends. Cold weather and fewer daylight hours means they struggle to find enough food to fuel all that twittering and flapping. Why not give them a hand and enjoy their company by building one of these DIY bird feeders.

Most of the materials can be found at Rex Hardware and our friendly staff can advise you on the right paints and adhesives for your project. If you need help translating the American measurements into something that the rest of us use Metric Conversions.

Upcycle DIY Bird Feeders

There always seem to be empty jars and bottles around and with a plastic rubbish crisis in our oceans, reusing is good for everybody. Have a look at these upcycling DIY bird feeders.

This one at Lil’ Luna uses a glass mason jar but you could easily substitute a sturdy mayonnaise bottle or peanut butter jar.

If you’re the type that has cooldrink bottle lying around have a look at this one by Kelly at Here Comes the Sun. She uses wooden spoons but you could do something similar with a PVC pipe or bamboo tube cut in half.

Are video tutorials more your thing? Here is another neat cooldrink bottle DIY bird feeder by Birdy Official.

Most of us wouldn’t want a tins hanging in our garden but this lovely rope covered feeder from Jamey at Dabbles and Babbles looks very natural. Be sure to replace it if it starts to rust.

More hardware intensive bird feeders

Fruit and fruit eating birds are abundant in South Africa. Stephanie Lynn has a great way to share your fruit stash.

Something beautiful and functional for from the folks at Birdwatching Bliss. The instructions are detailed and clear with lots of photos so why not give it a try. Remember this site, to convert the measurements to metric .

What about the bird food.

It make take few days for the birds in your area to find your feeder the first time. Once they know where it is you’ll be surprised at how fast they go through their food. You can find garden bird seed in the pet section at most supermarkets. You can also buy it in bulk from pet and farmer supplies. Try to avoid the kinds that are mostly corn. Fruit eating birds will take apples, oranges and even pomegranates if you have a friend with a tree.

While you’re waiting for your new feathered friends to show up have a look at our other planet saving and DIY projects.

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