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Confusing Fuses – Types of fuses and why we need them


Fuses have something to do with electricity and occasionally they blow? That's all most of us know about fuses. There are fuses in the wiring of our buildings, the cars we drive, the appliances in our kitchens and most of the electronics around us. So we should probably find out why we need fuses

Confusing Fuses – Types of fuses and why we need them2019-04-26T13:50:09+02:00

Autumn Gardening – A Dying Summer In A Living Garden


Just because summer is dying and autumn is knocking doesn't mean that you have to give up on your garden. Far from it, in fact. South Africa is blessed with a long growing season and with a little love your garden can continue to grow beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables for months still. Here

Autumn Gardening – A Dying Summer In A Living Garden2019-03-18T12:48:30+02:00

Up the wall – hanging objects on walls


From artwork and bookshelves to televisions and towel rails you can use your vertical surfaces for both the pretty and the practical. But how and while we're at it, what and where? Don't worry hanging objects on walls isn't difficult if you bear three things in mind. Placement, surface and weight. Placement Like most

Up the wall – hanging objects on walls2018-12-03T09:46:15+02:00

What wood, which wood?


When most of us think of wood in uses other a braai fire so called "South African Pine" springs to mind. Pine is a common, inexpensive softwood used most often in pallets, crates and budget furniture. But what if you want a hardwood, something more durable and interesting? What wood do you use for

What wood, which wood?2018-11-15T14:00:19+02:00

Splish, Splash, make a DIY Bird Bath


As the summer heats up, going for a swim seems like a wonderful idea. Our feathered friends think so too. Watching birds splash about is pretty and entertaining. An interesting DIY bird bath adds interest and whimsy to a garden even when the birds are busy elsewhere. Building a DIY bird bath is easy,

Splish, Splash, make a DIY Bird Bath2019-03-18T12:05:42+02:00

Nuts and Bolts – A Fasteners Guide


If you do any DIY, sooner or later you're going to have to join two or more things together. Most of the time if this doesn't involve glue it involves fasteners of some sort. There are hundreds of fasteners of different shapes, sizes and grades, made out of different materials with different threads, head

Nuts and Bolts – A Fasteners Guide2018-10-11T13:25:20+02:00

BYOB – Build Your Own Braai – DIY Braai


Spring has sprung and it's a Heritage Day long weekend which means it's time to indulge in one of South Africa's greatest traditions, the braai. Most South Africans can braai almost anywhere in almost anything from wheelbarrows to Webers. But why not build your own DIY Braai and give yourself something to brag about in

BYOB – Build Your Own Braai – DIY Braai2018-09-21T14:06:11+02:00

Planning your Plants – What to plant when


With every DIY project, research and planning are important. Gardening is at the mercy of climate and weather and so knowing what to plant, sow and prune when in your region is essential. In the age of the internet this information is easier to find than ever. The advice of your local nursery or

Planning your Plants – What to plant when2018-09-06T12:06:05+02:00
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