As the summer heats up, going for a swim seems like a wonderful idea. Our feathered friends think so too. Watching birds splash about is pretty and entertaining. An interesting DIY bird bath adds interest and whimsy to a garden even when the birds are busy elsewhere. Building a DIY bird bath is easy, all you need is a shallow dish and a way to stand, mount or suspend it where it’s easy to clean and fill and the birds can find it.

We’ve assembled a collection of tutorials to give you some ideas and see how easy it is to put together this interesting and useful garden feature.

Hanging Glass Lid Bird Bath

Isn’t always the way, you break the dish from one set and the lid from a different one? Now you have something to do with that lonely lid.

Easy Terra Cotta Bird Bath

Here’s another pretty hanging bird bath. The clay saucer and grapevine wreath give it a very natural look.

DIY Lamp Bird Bath

Whimsical and unique, these upcycled lamps make interesting and delightful bird baths.

Easy and Probably Free Bird Bath

Karen shows how to make easy bird baths with things we already have lying around the house and garden.

Concrete Leaf Bird Bath

This build is a little more intricate. It requires casting a large leaf in concrete. However it gives you a beautiful natural looking result that will be a delight for you and your feathered visitors.

Build a DIY Bird Bath

As you can see the basic principal extends across all the builds, a dish that can hold a few centimetres of water and a way to keep it off the ground. Use your imagination and what you have on hand to add and attractive feature to your garden. If you’re looking for another build for your feathered friends have a look at our DIY bird feeders