If you do any DIY, sooner or later you’re going to have to join two or more things together. Most of the time if this doesn’t involve glue it involves fasteners of some sort. There are hundreds of fasteners of different shapes, sizes and grades, made out of different materials with different threads, head types and drive types. So even the most experienced crafters can do with a comprehensive fasteners guide.

Luckily the folks over at Bolt Depot have a wonderful and incredibly comprehensive fastener guide. The basic fasteners guide is a great fastener primer for identifying and using different types of fasteners. There all sorts of printable charts for the different aspects of fasteners like drive type and head shape. There are guides on measuring fasteners as well as terminology and abbreviations. Despite being a US based site everything is both US and metric and the site has printable conversion charts and rulers in both systems.

Do you have a bottle or box somewhere full of leftover screws and bolts and no idea what any of them are or where they came fro? Among the printable fastener tools is a collection of layover sizing charts in both metric and imperial. If you print them to size you can lay your screw collection on the chart to determine the size and type. No more guessing.

Even if you don’t have any immediate plans to use fasteners in your next DIY project go and have a look at Bolt Depot’s fastener guide. It’s a fascinating look at the nuts and bolts that hold together a lot of objects we see and use in the world around us.

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