Apart from being incredibly annoying, a dripping tap can waste a shocking amount of water. This has an equally shocking effect on your water bill and it’s not good for our water scarce country. Most of the time a dripping tap is caused by an old or degraded washer. Thankfully changing a a washer is a pretty easy and inexpensive DIY job. So don’t let the thought of an expensive plumber’s bill scare you away from saving your sanity and saving water.

Rather than rewriting the process for you here, we’re going to point you in the direction of a couple of good, local, resources that explain how to change a washer.

Water Wise by Rand Water has a concise, and easily printable, sing-page pdf on the subject available here. They also have some other pamphlets on leaks available here.

Laws Plumbing has a similar concise explanation. Their website also includes some other other basic plumbing DIY fixes and a handy dictionary of plumbing terms.

MAP or Mad About Plumbing have a very detailed description of replacing the washer in the tap. Included with the explanation are descriptions of some other drip causes and their fixes. Including a fascinating use for hemp.

Home Serve have a brief written explanation and a handy video. Their guide also includes some device on ceramic, lever taps.

For your washers and tools for this project pop down and see us. We should have what you need. It goes without saying that if you have replaced the washers or cartridge and still have a leaking tap then you should contact your plumber and get some professional advice. Remember, the longer that you leave it, the more water you waste. This means a bigger impact on your wallet and the environment.