Just because summer is dying and autumn is knocking doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your garden. Far from it, in fact. South Africa is blessed with a long growing season and with a little love your garden can continue to grow beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables for months still. Here are some ideas to get you started with your autumn gardening.


Your garden has been using up a lot of energy during the long summer so give it some help by adding dark, rich compost. Here is a list of the elements your garden needs the most at this time of year. Replace the nutrients used up over the summer and give the soil a boost for the growing yet to come.

Divide and conquer

Autumn gardening is the ideal time to divide and transplant your perennial flowers. Cut them back, lift them out, split them up and re-plant and replant them in newly fertilised soil. Get them ready for spectacular blooming next summer. Deadhead blooming plants to prolong their flowering and prune those that have finished.

Keep planting

Sow seeds. There are plenty of autumn and winter blooming flowers that you can still sew to give your colour in the drab months. You can also sew fast growing greens for your autumn salad cravings. Now is also the time to plant your winter vegetables and winter flowering bulbs. There are also all sorts of seedling available for this time of year. You can also plant shrubs now, the roots will establish themselves in the still warm soil even if there isn’t much on to see on the branches


The last of the lawn clippings and all of those fallen leaves make for excellent compost so don’t throw them out. Add them to your heap and let them feed the next generation.

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What are you waiting for? Go get your hands dirty.