Gardening can be both a joy and a chore. As always, having and using the right tool makes the job easier and more enjoyable. However, keeping the right tool, right, takes a little care and attention. Need a little garden tool care advice? Read on.

Three easy garden tool care tips

Keep them clean

Why clean garden tools, you’re just going to be digging around in the dirt with them? Unsurprisingly the answer to this is about the same as the answers to why do dishes and why clean the bathroom. Cleaning your garden tools helps prevent the spread of pests and disease. It also makes tools last longer and work more effectively.

 Keep them sharp

Anyone who’s ever tried to prepare food with a blunt knife can tell you how much harder and more frustrating a blunt blade can make things. Gardening suffers in the same way. Keeping pruners and sheers, even spades and hoes, sharp will make them so much easier and more enjoyable to use. Special tools exist for pruners and sheers, a whetstone and a sharpening file will do for the rest. Pop into Rex’s and have a look at the selection.

 Keep them lubed

A little lubrication goes a long way, with people, and tools. A little oil will keep sheers from grinding to a halt, blades and tines from rusting and nourish wooden handles. Be careful about which oils you use though. Petroleum based oils are no good for your garden, especially if you are growing plants to eat. Most experts recommend linseed oil. It works well on metal and wood and is safe for your garden.

 Putting your tools away

Proper storage is an essential part of garden tool care. Keep them in a dry cupboard or shed, preferably hanging or propped handle side down to protect blades and tines.

 Learn a little more about garden tool care

Linda Hagen over at Garden Design has a wonderful article describing daily and seasonal tool care. Head on over and have a look. Then pop into Rex’s get what you need.