We’ve all spent much more of our time staying and working at home in the last year. So it’s much harder to keep things organised and much more important that we do. Drawers are some of the spaces that suffer the most when we’re trying to find space on our work surfaces. Give them, and yourself, a helping hand with these easy DIY drawer dividers. Never waste your time scrabbling through drawers again.

Working in Cardboard

Put all those delivery boxes to use with this video or this one, using plain cardboard boxes and copy paper. They look elegantly adult for something that’s school craft project easy to make. Have a look at other videos on that channel, there are some fun ideas for the rest of those boxes.

Pretty Boxes – decorated drawer dividers

The obvious answer to cardboard drawer dividers is take a couple of strips, cut slits in each, slot them to together and you’re done.

These two posts show you how to do that, make them pretty and help them to hold their structure.

If want something a little more modular and just as neat and nice to look at, try these cute custom boxes.

The Carpenter’s Choice

Do you want something a little more sturdy and more suitable for a kitchen or workshop? Have a look at this simple wood option or this variation.

Sometimes it’s good to be off kilter. This tutorial for diagonal DIY drawer dividers makes the most of your space and makes things comfortable to grab too

Delineate your desk and coral your kitchen utensils with these easy and inexpensive DIY desk drawer ideas. Eliminate the drawer digging.

Or have a look at our other crafty projects or money savers for some other ways to improve you spaces and give your wallet a break.